Software as a Service

Provide your organization with the latest and greatest in software without the prohibitive cost of continually purchasing and upgrading licenses.

Instant Access to Software and Support

Syand clients always have the latest, most up to date software versions, on-demand, from virtually anywhere that has an internet connection.

Our easy to implement Software as a Service solution eliminates the complex licensing, installation and management process associated with traditional software solutions.

You get instant access to what you need, when you need it, all at a fixed monthly cost.

Productivity Software
Collaboration Software
Creative Software
Security Software
Licensing Management
Project Services

A ’la Carte Tech Support Services 

Many Syand clients seek service and support in certain areas . When you don’t need the full suite of Syand Technology Assurance, here are some individual offerings:

Disaster Recovery
Data Security
Antivirus Management
Firewall Management
Spam Filtering
Hardware & Software
Mobile Solutions
Cloud Solutions
Project Solutions
Weekend Support
Remote Support
Remote Monitoring
Remote Access
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) / Business Phone Management

Frequently Asked Questions​

Software as a Service by Syand Corporation | Serving Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area

Software as a Service is a software delivery and licensing model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. Simply put, we help you manage software so you can focus on growing your business or non-profit.

It depends. Like our other services, we provide SaaS on a monthly payment schedule that’s bundled with other support services. We also offer support services on a case-by-case, a ’la carte basis. Either way, virtually all of our clients save money hiring our team versus hiring an in-house tech support professional.

Absolutely. We offer many a ‘la carte services for clients that need support in specific areas, but are not in need of the full MSP experience. Our team will help you find the solutions that will fit your business and keep you up and running safely and securely.

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Since 1999, we’ve been helping companies stay on top of technological challenges and improving their operations with human-centered support. A popular phrase we use often internally is “We humanize IT,” and that’s exactly what you get.

We are a 24/7 team that believes companies are at their best when they can focus on their business, not their help desk. Control the hidden costs of lost time due to technical problems. Syand is on your side, rest assured.

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