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Providing Technology Services for 20+ Years

Expert Twin Cities IT Solutions​​

Since our founding in 1999, SYAND has seen it all. From weathering the Y2K scare to navigating the transition to the cloud — even helping our clients navigate to work-from-home technology needs during the COVID-19 pandemic —  our team’s experience and nimble ability to stay on top of technology improvements helps our clients successfully grow and flourish through expert IT. We’re an IT leader in the Twin Cities, and it’s important to us that we help our clients understand the technology challenges and solutions of the 21st Century. Our niche in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area has been serving and supporting:

  • creative marketing/advertising agencies
  • financial institutions
  • charter schools and other educational groups
  • manufacturing and distribution clients
  • non-profits and social services
  • professional services such as lawyers’ offices and accounting firms

At Syand, we are here to help, period, and we put people first.

Our clients consider us to be both trusted advisors and true friends, because we believe in the power of relationship-building and always doing the right thing. 

Get to Know Syand Better

Over the years, we’ve focused on an organic growth approach — focusing on scaling our business via word of mouth, rather than investing aggressively in advertising/marketing campaigns. 

If you’re considering working with us, we encourage you to follow us on social media and check out what we’re talking about, as we strive to be thought leaders in our industry. Also, we recommend you click the button below to meet our team! These are the people who’ll be working hard on your account. 

And please, reach out to us at any time with questions and we’ll jump at the chance to help. We look forward to meeting you!

Why clients choose Syand corporation





Syand’s mission is to provide outstanding Technology Assurance to customers looking for human-centered support and service.

These are some of the reasons clients love working with us:




Managed services keep your business flexible and responsive so you can scale your network based on your business needs.

Access To New Technology

Technology is an enormous cost for businesses, but managed services from Syand give you access to up-to-date technology and software as part of your monthly fee.

Experts At Your Service

A highly-qualified IT team is expensive, but Syand gives you access to a team of experts with a specialized skill set and expertise.

Local, Expert IT Solutions

Since 1999, our business has been locally-owned and operated, and focused on supporting our community’s businesses and on-profit partners.

Minneapolis-St. Paul IT Jobs With People-Focused Benefits

Syand Corporation is always looking for new IT professionals to join our team!

We’re a fun-loving, people-centric group that makes for a great family-friendly and life-friendly job with in-house opportunities for career advancement. Explore and apply for jobs on Indeed or use the contact form to get directly in touch!