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Core Services

Here at Syand, we make the money you spend on technology, managed services, and hardware/software work for you. 

Watch the video to get an idea of our pricing philosophy — and explore our comprehensive services list below.

Comprehensive IT Services


At Syand, we focus each day on humanizing the IT experience.

From the very beginning of our collaboration, you’ll have access to our dedicated team of professionals and consultants.

Because our team is smaller, you’ll never be passed off to someone you don’t know. Some of our core processes include ways we can always make sure we’re there for you:

24/7 Network Monitoring & Patching
Unlimited Help Desk Support
Remote + Onsite Support
Vendor Management
Quarterly Technology Business Reviews
Professional Services + Consulting
Backup + Disaster Recovery
Security Management

Expert IT Solutions for Minnesota and Wisconsin

You’ll have around-the-clock tech support that includes hardware, software, security and other needs. We know tech emergencies don’t wait for the right time to strike. 

No matter where you are or what time it is, you can call on us to be there for you.

Here are a few of our offerings:

Customizable Managed IT Services Packages

Humanizing IT means that we offer bundled service packages that suit your unique needs as a business. If you have your hardware all figured out but you need software support, we can do that. If you want all of your IT under one roof, we can do that, too. The best route to finding what services fit your needs and goals as a company is to call us. We’ll help you figure it out.
A full suite of computer and software needs you can access 24/7.
Service and support for your mobile devices, including phones and tablets.
Stay in the cloud safely and securely with service and support that keeps you up and running from anywhere.
Request services for special projects you may need additional support to successfully execute, like new websites, compliance needs and large-scale security task deployment.
We are fully staffed days, nights and weekends to support you whenever and wherever you are.
With our remote capabilities, much of our support and solutions can be done remotely via virtual video, chat or phone.

Hardware Maintenance + Replacement

Bundled under our Technology as as Service (TaaS) offerings, we will replace and repair your hardware day or night. From computer upgrades to swapping out broken equipment, we have a full inventory of hardware ready for you.

Software Support + Upgrades

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings ensure you will never have to worry about updates, security patches, backups, cloud issues or anything else related to your software technology. We’ll do it all for you behind the scenes so you can focus on your business.

Security + Compliance

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we are constantly focused on security and compliance. We will ensure your technology is always backed up securely and that you are fully compliant in your industry. Rest assured, we’ll take care of any and all security and compliance updates, too.

Security and compliance monitoring done remotely.
Set up your systems so you have access anywhere there’s internet.
Make phone calls online with our Voiceover Internet Protocol services.

Disaster Recovery

We will set you up with the best, but we’ll also prepare you for the worst. Our disaster recovery planning services will keep you ready in case the unexpected strikes. Disaster recovery includes support when natural disaster strikes, but also in more common scenarios, such as when you experience a cyberattack or other critical security breach.

Fully secure your company’s data from cyberattacks and other malicious activity.
Prevent viruses before they can attack with our antivirus and malware solutions.
We’ll keep everything you do secure with firewall management.
Stay protected against SPAM and potentially malicious emails.

Vendor Management

Just as we ensure you are all set with the latest in hardware and software tech, we’ll also manage vendors who provide these services to you. Whenever you need an update or new service, we’ll take care of it so you don’t have to. That’s how we humanize IT.

Professional Services + Consulting

Because every business is a little different, we offer you consulting services that help us help you. Our commitment to humanizing IT extends to the ways we can customize our offerings to you. While IT help is our specialty, we will always be there if you need recommendations in other areas, such as marketing services and other vendor management solutions.

Quarterly Technology Business Reviews (TBRs)

As a Syand client, you’ll get comprehensive quarterly technology business reviews that will help you better understand your unique IT needs. These reviews include an audit of services you’ve received with us, as well as which services you haven’t used or could benefit from adding. Our quarterly reviews are also a great time for you to ask us questions or bring up any concerns or long-term goals you have in mind.

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