This is a security alert regarding the potential vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE).  The new Zero-Day Exploit affects IE versions 6-11.  We are tracking the developments of this and want you to be aware of the risk involved.

What Does IT DO?

This Internet Explorer security vulnerability could allow hackers to remotely run malicious code through a user’s browser forcing the user to instead view a site crafted by the hacker.  Unfortunately, this makes it easier for your machine to become compromised. This vulnerability poses a more serious concern for Windows XP users as Microsoft is no longer providing security updates for it. For more information on the vulnerability, please visit our partner Microsoft’s webpage.

What Can I Do?

If you need to use Internet Explorer to access the internet, we recommend using one of the following temporary fixes.

  1. Use an alternate browser such as Chrome or Firefox until the patch has been released and applied for IE.
  2. Disable Adobe Flash. The best information about this bug explains that the attack will not work without Adobe Flash. Disabling the Flash plugin within IE will prevent the exploit from functioning. What is gc invoker utility and should you disable it?

What is SYAND Doing for our clients?

As soon as Microsoft releases a patch to address this vulnerability, SYAND will deploy the patch to all of our managed service customers. In the meantime, we will continue using our real-time protection and scanning to ensure you are protected. We will contact your business if there are signs of a potential issue we need to resolve.