Syand Corporation was founded in 1999 by Mike Fafinski after 10 years working with Fortune 500 companies to provide networking, web development, strategic initiatives and application development. Syand is built around providing the absolute best possible service. We know that behind any technology we are working to install, monitor, or repair is a customer who is working hard to build their own business or organization to be the best it can be. They depend on that technology and it is our job to make sure it’s as dependable as they need it to be.

We began as a family business and hold true to everything that makes a family business great – honesty, dependability, and trust. We have expanded over the years through a combination of strategic partners who enable us to provide virtually every technical solution required by business at any level and in any market. We like to say whether it’s in the wall or in the air, we can take care of it!