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At Home Group™ was founded by local volunteers and philanthropists in 2005. Through their previous work with the homeless community of the Twin Cities, they learned about some of the difficulties that individuals who are homeless face when seeking employment.  In 2007, At Home Group, Inc began using the organizational name “Small Sums” (a dba) because the board of directors felt the new name better reflected the mission and spirit of the organization. They know that employment is a critical part of acquiring and staying in stable housing and that often a “small sum” is all that’s needed to help.

Their programs have evolved to meet the changing needs of the homeless population, but the goal has remained the same: to foster self-sufficiency among homeless individuals by helping them with the items they need in order to start back to work and back to more stable lives.

Syand Corporation was happy to do their own small part in helping Small Sums‘ mission by recently donating several Surface tablets to the organization. In this season of giving, we encourage you to see where you can help your community.


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“At Small Sums, we help homeless individuals, who have just found a job, with items they need so they can TAKE the job. Some of our clients, who have fallen on hard times, are returning to work in semi-professional fields like sales or healthcare, and we will provide those clients with these great tablets. They will be so happy to have the technology that they need to do a good job, while getting back to work, and ultimately getting back to a more stable life.” Terre Thomas, executive director

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